Equine Spinal Longtail Flat Panel DR Package

The Longtail is the world’s first monolithic full-spine flat-panel DR detector. No more long scan wait, no image stitching, no image gaps, and no plate overlap.

It is the first of it’s kind to produce long-bone and full-spine digital studies instantaneously with the highest geometric accuracy.

At 44 inch (112 cm) long, the Longtail can take a full spine 42 x 17 inch (108 x 43 cm).


  • 43″ x 17″ Longtail Flat DR Panel – Wireless Gadox
  • Lenovo Touch screen all in one computer
  • ECOM DROC Acquisition Software
  • Training & Installation
  • ATX Cloud Pacs DICOM Image Storage platform
  • 4 Years warranty & Assurance support

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