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  • Barium Paste 20ml

    Barium Sulphate, radiopaque paste that provides excellent radiographic visualization of the true hoof wall. The tube contains 20mls of paste. The paste appears as an opaque (white line) on the image, when applied in a continuous bead from the coronary band to the ground surface.…
  • BEEKLEY PointGuards® 215

    PointGuards® 215 Ref: 215, (QTY: 75/box) 1.5cm x 5.0cm linear adhesive covers for longer, more linear treatment planning marks
  • BEEKLEY AccuGrid®300 4.65″

    AccuGrid® Specimen Localizing Grid System 300 Ref: 300, (QTY: 12 / box) 4.65" radiolucent grid inside a sealable surgical bag for the safe imaging, transport, and processing of surgical breast specimens
  • BEEKLEY Bella Blankets®310

    Bella Blankets® protective coverlets 310 Provide sanitary protection for patients and help immobilize hard to position breasts with Bella Blankets.  Improve Clinical Outcomes, Increase Patient Satisfaction, Save Money and Increase Revenues. Ref: 310, (QTY: 50/box) 22.9cm x 27.9cm intended for use on 18cm x 24cm receptor…
  • BEEKLEY Cradles®309

    Cradles® Needle Localization Wire Protectors 309 Ref: 309, (QTY: 12 / box) 12" x 3" translucent cover with foam adhesive border disposable, clear covers for protecting and stabilizing the needle localization wire

    "L" Spot Radiopaque "L" Orientation marker 65 per box
  • BEEKLEY Localizers™ 210

    Localizers™ Localization Markers 210 Ref: 210, (QTY: 40/box) 2.3mm low-density pellet ideal for identifying soft tissue masses on the neck
  • BEEKLEY Localizers™ 211

    Localizers™ Localization Markers 211 Ref: 211, (QTY: 40/box) 4.0mm low-density pellet ideal for identifying areas of interest on abdominal cases or with larger patients
  • BEEKLEY N-SPOT® 790 Florals®

    N-SPOT® Designed for Digital® Soft 'n Stretchy® Ref:790 Florals®, (QTY: 94/box) 2.3mm non-metallic pellet pinch-free material with adhesive-free center designed for use with the most sensitive digital equipment

    TomoSPOT® for marking moles 782 Provide certainty that densities on mammographic images highlighted by the O-shaped marker are moles and not areas of concern. Ref: 782, (QTY: 54/box) 1mm low-density see-through ring pinch-free material designed for use with 3D breast tomosynthesis equipment  

    TomoSPOT® for marking scars 783 Distinctly identify and permanently document nipples, moles,scars, palpable masses, and areas of pain or concern on mammography images with BeekleySPOT® skin markers for mammography. The result is clear communication between patient, technologist and radiologist regarding areas of interest and more precise interpretation…
  • BEEKLEY S-SPOT® 607 Florals®

    S-SPOT® CT Simulation Marker 607 Florals® Help define architectural distortion at the biopsy site by delineating the exact location of incision. Ref: 607, (QTY: 363cm cut to measure roll/box) 33mm diameter radiopaque line burnout-resistant brighter image for marking scars and field borders
  • BEEKLEY S-SPOT® 677 Florals®

    S-SPOT® Light Image® Soft 'n Stretchy® 677 Florals® Ref: 677 Florals®, (QTY: 280cm cut to measure roll / box) 1mm diameter uniform low-density see-through line pinch-free material compatible with both digital and analog equipment  
  • ID Markers, L & R Lead Letter with 2 initials Mounted


    CT skin marker Radiopaque 4mm pellet 50 per box

    3D Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Single Density Mole Marker Radiolucent/ Semi-Opaque 1/2" inside diameter Latex-free